Faqs for Artists

What do you mean by creative readymade products?

If you are an artist who has invented a product of their own, and is looking for an increased audience and market reach for your product, we would love to host you. These products could be anything from digital art, to sketches, to paintings, to photographic prints, to figurines, crazy chairs, jewelry and more. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

I want to put my digital art on your products. What do I do?

We accept digital art in vector format so that it’s easy for us to resize your art, to fit it on the appropriate product (framed art prints, posters, and stretched canvasses). The accepted format is eps/ai/png extensions for files.

What about sizes?

We have a predefined size kit for our framed art prints, posters and Stretched Canvasses. Our kit size is 6*8, 8*12, 12*18, 18*24, and 24*36. But you also have the freedom to supply us with your own sizes between the minimum (6*8) and maximum (24*36) size. You will thus provide us with your artwork in the largest size you register for.

What if I don’t do digital art but I still want to put my artwork on the products?

If your artwork isn’t digital, then you can take a digital photo or scan the image. Get the help of that photographer friend you know. He’ll be able to guide you with the lighting and centering and all that. The final print of your work will depend on the photograph or scanned image.

I want to be sure you don’t get the aspect ratio of my photographs all wrong!

We make sure we maintain the aspect ratio of all photographs. I think our sizes should calm you down.

How do I promote my art work?

Tell people! Get the word out, share your work on Facebook, Tweet about it and Pin it. Let everyone know about it.